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SEO And What It Can Do For Your Business

SEO And What It Can Do For Your Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that involves getting traffic from natural, earned or organic search results on search engines. We have search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. What SEO does is to affect the online visibility of a website or web search. It affects the feasibility of your website and your website start to rank on search engines. The more the rank, the more users and visitors you receive, the more customers you can generate from your users most especially if it is B2B. SEO targets different types of search such as images search, Academic Search, news search, industry search or video search.


SEO makes your site feasible on google: search engines like google rank interesting, authoritative and frequently searched website. So it is advisable to create pages that develop into authority page.

How do you achieve this?

This can be achieved by creating contents that people find interesting and useful. Only useful and interesting contents are shared on feeds like Twitter, RSS or blogs. Also, make the content easy for people to find.

How do you develop this content?

The first and most important is you must have a target. Your target is your potential customers. Knowing and understanding your potential customers will help you discover what their needs are. Your content must proffer solution or information to the need of your potential customer. When you have searchable content on your website, it will be easy for people to access them.

What next?

The next thing is to develop a sense of credibility with the search engine. This can be done by acquiring links from popular industry sites and are also visible on search engines. The more popular and relevant a link is the higher your page rank with the search engines most especially google.

Finally, use the right keywords. You can follow up your web traffic using web analytics package. This will inform you which keyword generates traffic and which link. You can then build on the keywords and links and convert them to leads/sales.